Wheel of Life

A quick exercise for diagnosing areas to explore creatively, if you don't have a clear direction in mind...

The nine wedges in this Wheel represent dimensions which matter to many people. You might want to alter it a little.

Quickly sketch out your own blank wheel. Now, regarding the centre as 0 and the outer edge as 10, score your level of fulfilment in each area. Next, draw a line edge to edge of that wedge, at the level of each score, and join them to create a new, probably wonky, outer rim to your wheel. For example:

The perimeter of the wheel represents the balance of life now. How bumpy is your ride? Look at interesting segments, and swiftly, from the gut, answer: What would it take in that area to be fulfilled? How might it be with 2 key areas in better balance?

Capture your answers as a short description of how you view your desired result. In describing it, try to use the present tense. Here's a really random example to give the idea:

"I love my work. I'm in a field that has meaning to me. I use my talents to the full. I collaborate with others, and they are like-minded people. My level of responsibility is stimulating without being an energy drain."

The Big Stretch is all about finding tangible new ways to move forwards in life. We've found that clarifying what you want to see happen kickstarts the process, and helps creative solutions to emerge. You've already begun...